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International Bearing Expo presented five ideas for future development (3)

International Bearing Expo presented five ideas for future development (3)

    Third, the effect of prominent exhibitors. Dalian Expo bearing the growing

popularity of many inside and outside the enterprise or buyers come here especially to

participate in exhibitions and buy products, especially wind power equipment bearing

the user's attention by the large vertical lathe machine tool spindle bearings by

manufacturers popular, high-tech products to replace imported products not only to win

customers in the domestic market, but also to many developed countries to attract

customers. Dalian Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Long Masamitsu decorative display

package production line polisher was Dutch customer orders, a bearing a highlight

show, marking the areas of our polishing equipment, complete production line to

achieve a major breakthrough in exports. Businessman said that he would order the

companies to continue the second set, third set of equipment. The fair received more

than 11,000 customers, disseminating information to nearly ten thousand copies of

signed contracts or intention of the contract 123.04 million yuan, of which 2.15

million a formal contract.

     this bearing positive results, but the development of the future

development of international bearing direction and focus, organizers also put forward

a new idea: First, to further expand the exhibition's Gui Mo. Bearing products to the

downstream products business center absorption to visit the exhibition industry chain

gradually formed bearing products. Second, we must further strengthen the investment

work. Dalian investment in the consolidation of the results, while more efforts at

home and abroad on the breeze. Meanwhile, the functions of trade associations to play,

invite the State and national industry associations to help brothers develop good

bearings. The third is to highlight the development of professional characteristics of

bearings. Professional publicity in focus, while expanding the Expo promotion. The

fourth is to encourage exhibitors to visit exhibitors from invited professional

customers. 5 is based on actual market in Dalian and the characteristics of the

bearing industry, the proposed exhibition held in Dalian, bearing suitable period to

two years.

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