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Elevator industry, "Energy security smart" technology exchange success (1)

Elevator industry, "Energy security smart" technology exchange success (1)

April 22, 2010, from "Electrical Business Daily" She's special issue "today Automation" organized by the elevator industry, "Energy security smart" technology exchange at Langfang International Convention and Exhibition Center Building success. Elevator manufacturers from all over the middle and senior managers, electrical engineers, automation, and professional media companies a total of 70 delegates attended the Seminar.

Currently, the market scale of China's elevator industry, an obvious advantage, a number of independent brands is gradually improve product quality and technical content. Meanwhile, the introduction of policies to lift the industry have energy and security technology companies get a better development opportunities, foreign customers and therefore more popular Chinese products, which the rise of China elevator provides a good opportunity for development. To enable the domestic machine automation business enterprises and to keep abreast of new trends in the lift industry, "today's automated," With the 2010 China International Elevator Exhibition opportunity for this technology exchange will be held for a number of elevator manufacturers, automation business and industry experts provide a free platform.

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