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New Metal Polymer Composite Bearings (2)

New Metal Polymer Composite Bearings (2)

Maintenance-free or low maintenance

New INA Bearing metal polymer composite material that contains three different types: Maintenance-free or low-maintenance materials bearing the name

Code for the E40 and E50. Similarity between the two structures: the structure of porous sintered bronze or copper used in steel backing and plastic injection of a special

Complex. Solid lubricant between the sliding surface layer in the lubricating film, so as to achieve low noise operation, and maintained throughout the process

Low friction coefficient.

E40 models are basically maintenance-free bearings, that the whole operation process without lubrication requirements. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and non-

Chemical additives can be used with inert lubricants. Such bearings typically used in fluid technology, sports equipment, medical equipment or electronic device materials

, And automotive fields.

E50 model is a low maintenance, in the initial run when grease lubrication. Sliding layer mainly by POM (POM) form, it is a

Thermoplastic polymer material, characterized by a low friction, and chemical and thermal stability. This material is mainly used in production machinery, construction,

Agricultural machinery, as well as commercial areas.

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