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Bearing removal and installation (on) (deep groove ball bearings)

Bearing removal and installation (on) (deep groove ball bearings)

Bearing removal and installation should be carefully carried out the same. Care not to damage bearings and various parts, particularly the demolition of the interference fit bearing operation difficult. Therefore, prior to consideration at the design stage to facilitate the dismantling, demolition tools needed design is also very important. The demolition, in accordance with the drawings of demolition methods, in order to investigate the bearing with the conditions to obtain the demolition operation foolproof.
1, outer ring of the demolition
Demolition of interference fit of outer ring, the circumference of the housing in advance to set several outer extrusion screw with a screwdriver, tighten the screw side equally, while the demolition. These usually covered with blind plug screw holes, tapered roller bearings and other separation-type bearings, retaining shoulder in the shell to set several incisions, using pads, with the press demolition, or gently pounding the demolition.

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