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China Bearing Industry History (B)

China Bearing Industry History (B)

In short, industry, agriculture, national defense, science and technology and household appliances and other fields in the host, its accuracy, performance, service life, reliability, and various economic indicators are closely linked with the bearings, and bearing also the relationship between industrial development with China's major technology and equipment manufacturing standards and machinery and equipment export capacity.
Bearing in the national economy and national defense construction, are playing an increasingly important role: the new China was founded before the bearing manufacturing industry is almost a blank. Machinery and equipment and maintenance needs of supporting bearings, basically depend on imports. At that time, only Wafangdian in Liaoning Province and Shenyang, Shanghai, and Shanxi Province Changzhi and other places have some bearing factory, shop, but can independently produce bearing four components (inner and outer rings, rolling body and cage) is not a factory. In 1949, the national annual output of only 13.8 million sets of bearings. China has established five decades, the rapid development of industrial bearings, bearing varieties from small to multi-product quality and technical level from low to high, from small to large-scale industries.

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