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steel industry adjustment(1)

steel industry adjustment1

Public letter to the Ministry has revealed that the Department has organized to develop, "the promotion of iron and steel enterprise mergers and reorganizations guidance" (hereinafter referred to as "guidance"). It is worth mentioning is that the "guidance" will clearly focus on cultivating a strong 3-5 furniture internationally competitive iron and steel enterprises, and actively promote the 6-7 furniture and has a strong steel prices in the nationwide implementation of the strategic merger and reorganization in order to solve the domestic steel industry, industrial concentration and low structural contradictions.
     Analysts have speculated that China has initially formed a "Department of Baoshan Iron and Steel," headed by the seven industry leader, and is expected to become the basic pattern of future joint reorganization. The "Shougang line" and "Shandong line" of the reorganization process should focus on short-term.



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