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steel industry adjustment(3)

steel industry adjustment3


     "Seven giant" pattern or as a reference
     In fact, the domestic steel industry has been engaged in the reorganization.
     Jiang Guotai Junan iron and steel industry researcher said that beginning in 2005 to begin planning the domestic steel industry restructuring, in particular, in 2008, including Hebei and Shandong provinces in iron and steel enterprises, including many big moves more, but the results are relatively poor. Among them, Hebei has started on the actual operation, but merely listed in Shandong area. On the whole, 2005 to 2008 the restructuring of steel companies did not achieve the desired goals.
     Statistics show that December 30, 2008, Hebei Iron and Steel's listed company "triple play" plan came out, opened a steel prelude to merger and reorganization of listed companies. Under the program, Tangganggufen will absorb the merger and Chengdefantai Handan Iron and Steel, Tangshan Iron and Steel after the reorganization is expected to absorb the new advantages of each company. This year early in August, Shandong Iron and Steel Group and the acquisition of high-level Determination of the signing of the agreement sunshine Steel, Shandong Iron and Steel is also expected to accelerate the progress of restructuring.
     Jiang said that the current restructuring of the domestic steel industry, the pattern has been initially clear, while Baoshan Iron and Steel University, Anshan Iron and Steel University, Wuhan University, Hebei University, Shandong University, Shougang department and the Department of the seven giant Jiangsu Shagang pattern has emerged. In addition, Ma Steel, Panzhihua Steel firms such as strategic positioning there is some uncertainty. However, Jiang acknowledged in 2008 the integration of mostly state-owned enterprises in the province and conducted between 2009 and 2010 may have more cross-ownership, cross-regional integration of steel enterprises, integration would be more difficult.
     Can be the first to focus Shougang Jinan Iron and Steel
     CITIC Securities analyst Kim Tong Li Lie macro analysis is said to journalists, from the iron and steel enterprises have embarked on integration of the circumstances, it is recommended for Shougang shares (6.07,0.02,0.33%) and Jinan Iron and Steel (5.27,0.00,0.00%) for concern. The Shougang shares, in accordance with plan, Shougang shares owned by all the iron and steel production capacity in all the cut-off before the end of 2010, Shougang steel plant will gradually be removed from the Beijing area. Shougang Group, from the current frequency of mergers and reorganizations action point of view, through the replacement of assets into the company to address its listed companies to issue more likely to survival.
     China Merchants Securities analyst Zhang Bao also believe that, Jinan Steel and Laiwu Steel, while the suspension may be of Shandong Iron and Steel Group to start integrating its a sign of the two steel companies, while the group level of integration has been basically completed. Integrated mountain Steel Group, Hebei Iron and Steel Group will exceed the total capacity, second only to Baosteel Group, the country's second largest steel production base. Although Jinan Steel and Laiwu Steel have been suspended, the specific effects on stock prices has yet to be introduced in order to determine the specific program, but it certainly is that it will boost the performance of the steel plate is anticipated that industry consolidation will be the general trend of mergers and acquisitions.

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