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Huangshi, Hubei Province to build precision bearing manufacturing bases in Central Region (1)

Huangshi, Hubei Province to build precision bearing manufacturing bases in Central Region (1)
       August 2, Land Area in Huangshi City, Hubei, Jiangsu Yangcun new special bearing on new plant construction site, construction workers are leveling the land. New special bearing the original plant in the province of dragging rent free, because expanding production scale, the company decided to expand the scale of the new plant.


    Huangshi City has always been an important bearing manufacturing bases, Huangshi Bearing Factory was once renowned. However, one of the Group and other large bearings manufacturer The rapid development of Huangshi Bearing industry faces enormous challenges.


    In recent years, land area under the city to seize the opportunity to implement major industrial strategy, city building in the center clearly pointed out: "Black metal" industry cluster to be "built around a core, the two leading live dance", that is, machinery processing and manufacturing industries core, dance live bearing and tube industry, two of the industry. Introduce a group of large-scale investment and high return, the leading type of mechanical processing, the flagship project to build precision bearing manufacturing bases in Central region.


    Adhere to the area of market regulation and government guidance combined stock and expand the incremental expansion of the combination of grasping the large and supporting the superior combination of speed and efficiency of combining principles, the introduction of various types of bearings business to accelerate the industrial structure of the product bearing adjustment, the pace of technological transformation and innovation.

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