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Huangshi, Hubei Province to build precision bearing manufacturing bases in Central Region (2)

Huangshi, Hubei Province to build precision bearing manufacturing bases in Central Region (2)


    Central region to build precision bearing manufacturing bases in the area of the bearing industry, the implementation of stagnation, has introduced the people of this, Hatebeier, Wafangdian, precision bearings Project Principal. This year in July, the district went to Chang Liu Xiuhai line of people visit the headquarters of the Group Investment, who visited Chang Tong-sheng, Chairman of the Group. After conducting in-depth exchange of the two sides, said Zhang Tong-sheng, one of the Group intends to invest 320 million yuan in the next land area to build two million sets of heavy machinery bearing the project.


    Currently, the area was rapidly bearing industry trend. Yellowstone People who are using management techniques and Ben Group sales network resources, to achieve the original Huangzhou strong points, while roller bearings from Guonei Wai Yin Jin automatic production line, Kuo Tai Wong were the production scale, product data management. Hatebeier company produces precision bearing rings in the domestic market not only applauded, but also started with the top ten international bearing manufacturers to establish supply and marketing partnership to challenge the high-end bearings market. Special bearing sperm are also expanding. Wafangdian Metallurgical Bearing Group, the annual output of 2 million sets of investment vehicles bearing rear axle bearings are speeding up the construction project.


       Following the copper industry into the area bearing products, pipe lay, another key industry. People of this area, Hatebeier other bearing manufacturers over 100 million yuan in output value.


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