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Purchase imported bearing elements (2)

Purchase imported bearing elements (2)

    Thrust spherical roller bearings and one-way thrust angular contact ball bearings are able to withstand the axial load and radial load, the other thrust bearing can only carry axial load.

    3, the length of bearing its own compensation

    Supporting a shaft and bearings are usually fixed-bearing and swimming bearing structure. Walk the length of shaft bearings compensation error and thermal expansion.

    NU-type and N type cylindrical roller bearings are ideal swimming bearings, these bearings can be the length of their compensation. Bearings with internal and external ring can bear.

    4, sliding with the length of the compensation

    Inseparable bearing (such as deep groove ball bearings and spherical roller bearings) can also be swimming bearings. Bearing two rings in such a use, and without a fixed axial plane. Therefore, a ring bearing surface in the supporting activities.

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