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Local car bearing the face of the challenges (1)

Local car bearing the face of the challenges (1)

China's auto production and sales volume in 2009 reached the world's first domestic car consumption has entered the stage of rapid development will be expected in the next three years, more than 30% growth rate of the rapid development of automobile industry led the automotive bearings market demand continued to surge in such the context of supporting the bearing industry in China has also reached a record volume of "a car needs about 50 sets of bearings in this huge market," En China Bearing Industry Association, said "There are many industries including automotive bearing demand for larger the largest amount of automotive transmission industry, engines, axles and other key assembly to be used although the car bearing bearing parts, but it is a small vehicle reliability, safety and comfort are closely related to the "ZWZ president and general manager Wang Lu Shun, said It is understood that the basis for bearings is the auto transmission is known as "joint automotive industry," said the rotation of the components will ultimately bearing participation

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