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Local car bearing the face of challenges (2)

Local car bearing the face of challenges (2)

    Chinese bearing market competition is gradually internationalized
    Chinese consumers for high-demand vehicles attracting more and more global car manufacturers new models into the domestic market on the domestic parts industry, auto industry, products and R & D requirement was raised to a considerable height which led directly to the field of automotive parts huge market space is equipped with advanced technology and products, occupied by multinational companies in the world bearing industry has a bearing manufacturer with high-precision bearings key auto parts (mainly for the engine, transmission, wheel hub) production technology in an active construction volume in China production system, but also through the wholly-owned subsidiary of the cause of re-merger in China to achieve their own decisions, etc. monopoly on high-end market bearing the world's leading multinational companies such as SKF, Schaeffler, Timken, NSK, Czech Republic, Georgia Pacific Principal have set up factories in China joint ventures or wholly-owned domestic competition in international market competition become the main characteristics of bearings
    At the same time demand in foreign markets, driven by domestic parts companies are also a large number of export industries network platform, according to well-known automotive bearings auto parts e-commerce platform statistics from 1 June 2010, exports of bearing products to the 295 frequency and showed obvious rise

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