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Northwest bearing "at stake" in the first half serious loss (2)

Northwest bearing "at stake" in the first half serious loss (2)

    After 30 years of development, bearing in Northwest China's stock companies have entered the 100 largest industrial enterprises in the ranks of machinery, become

One of the largest bearing manufacturer. Company's technology center has been recognized as a national enterprise technical centers to develop new products each year nearly 200

In recent years the development of new products, more than 100 kinds fill the gaps, a large number of products reach the advanced level of similar foreign products.

    Since about 2009, the financial crisis is waning, but the performance of the Northwest bearing did not appear the slightest improvement, only

The first quarter loss will be 30,000,000 yuan, up expansion losses. Although the transfer has started bearing northwest wind power bearing items, Fengeng new

Energy market, but does not seem to bring no improvement to give enterprises.

    August 17, 2010, Northwest bearing semi-annual report released in 2010 show that, due to lack of orders leading products, accept orders tend to

Common areas, coupled with intense market competition bearings, larger downward adjustment of sales prices and gross margin to decline sharply, making the amount of loss increase

, In the first half loss of 66.5 million yuan.

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