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Bearing manufacturer in China market status

Bearing manufacturer in China market status

Bearing manufacturer in China market status, in order to create the conditions for foreign companies settled in China, the international bearing manufacturers have many Chinese and in China

Expand market opportunities for low-cost, with the gradual increase foreign investment, reform and reorganization of China's rapidly growing domestic companies. While new industries

System, the promulgation and implementation of such policies will lead to shuffling of bearing manufacturing industry, corporate merger and reorganization will vigorously promote the development of policy

    China's bearing industry in the domestic market, driven by deepening in the promotion of internal reform, will continue to increase more than 15%

Long speed, and will have the following characteristics.
    1, demand for products bearing the brand becoming more apparent. Since the majority of users bearing the reliability, stability requirements are more clear,

As well as the hosting industry business management concepts and the development of the concept of promotion, pay attention to nurturing their own famous brand, brand, so the market demand more

Tend to brand and good quality bearings bearing enterprises.
    2, by domestic and foreign markets, bearing the level of production and demand, the structure will become more apparent. General Bearing Enterprise Group

Have a brand, a brand name, its bearing technology and reliability, stability will be improved, important domestic market for the main supporting

Control in the hands of these companies will continue; in the automotive market, the role of price trends, some automotive bearing market will shift to domestic enterprises, into the

Port bearing will be reduced.
    General bearing of the market, especially with the improvement of people's level of production and rising general bearing market, such as sports machinery, furniture

Machinery, transportation machinery and other general bearing market will have a certain space. In bearing the external sector, exports will remain a general bearing bearing accounts for the main

Location, high-end bearings exports will rise slowly; still on the high-end brands imported bearings main bearings, with the well-known enterprises in the domestic foreign

Building upgrades, increased foreign imports will decline bearings.

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