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ZWZ appearance and equipment bearing the China International Exhibition (2)

ZWZ appearance and equipment bearing the China International Exhibition (2)

ZWZ booth located in the Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center on the first floor, is the largest exhibition company, with an area of 260 square meters. The exhibits highlight the ZWZ production with high-tech "Falcon program" series, is divided into five area: major equipment bearing zones, wind power bearing zones, railway bearing exhibition, automobile exhibition bearings, bearings and bearing equipped Zero parts exhibition. Visit to the exhibition every day an endless stream of domestic and foreign customers, we have stopped to watch, pick up the hands of the camera and take photographs in the exhibit or group photo.


Wang Lu Shun, Chairman, accompanied by the leaders came to ZWZ exhibition and saw ZWZ exhibited high accuracy, high reliability and high value-added bearing products, the guests kept praise.

Another theme of this exhibition are: actively expanding in Europe, South America and Southeast Asia marketing network, and expand areas of Shanghai and east China, joint venture, the private market. At the show site, many foreign customers have expressed a desire and willingness to cooperate ZWZ.

According to incomplete statistics, the show invited the agents participating in Southeast Asia and Europe, and overseas agents more than 10 types of agreements signed; and domestic more than 30 new customers to establish contacts, signed orders for 200 million yuan in 2011, every day ZWZ countless customers visit the show.

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