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About The Timken Company

    About The Timken Company

    Whether in China or around the world, with 110 years of development history of Timken bearings, power transmission and special alloy steel products, R & D and production technology are always at the forefront of innovation and energy efficient. The Timken Company's high quality products and solutions are widely used in many industries, helping to clean the mechanical parts of the world the way energy efficiency and smooth operation. Since 1992, Timken has always insisted on advanced products, technology and innovation to China, currently has about 3,000 employees. Companies in 13 major cities in Greater China set up offices at all levels, and the establishment of six large manufacturing base, a high-end one-stop sales and service power transmission products distribution company, a number of logistics and service centers, committed to service domestic and international customers. Chinese engineering companies to set up training centers for training not only the strength of their own professional engineering, but also for customers in China and to share advanced knowledge and technologies that enable customers from the company over a hundred years of professional experience, including advanced metallurgy and steel manufacturing ability to benefit.

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