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Analysis: the construction of logistics information bearing industry (1)

Analysis: the construction of logistics information bearing industry (1)
    Most of China's imports of small and micro-deep groove ball bearings, bearing domestic manufacturers, basically small and medium enterprises, and most are export-oriented enterprises. In the manufacturing model, is typical of many varieties, small batch manufacturing mode. Increasing the competitiveness of enterprises depends on the details of the competition, details decide success or failure. How to effectively help enterprises to improve management and reduce administration and production costs, and fundamentally improve the competitiveness of enterprises, it is our design and development of imported bearings, bearing manufacturers domestic logistics management information system the starting point and purpose.

    Characteristics for small and medium manufacturing enterprises, a common imported bearings, bearings made ERP system does not apply to such enterprises. We kind of small and medium manufacturing enterprises through in-depth, comprehensive understanding of their management processes, needs, strengths and weaknesses so that, through the detailed system requirements analysis, design fully meet the business use of the bearing manufacturing enterprise logistics management information system.

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