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As a leading deep groove ball bearing manufacturer in China, MOS is specialized in producing miniature and small sized bearings of many types. Its output of miniature bearings is ranked No.1 in the bearing industry in China, among which that of stainless steel thin-wall miniature bearings accounts for up to 15% of the national output of bearings.

Since 1997, MOS has been successively certified to ISO9001、ISO14001,ISO/TS16949, etc. With the establishment of ERP system, MOS has greatly improved its management, operations and efficiency. With its good performance and management practices, MOS has been awarded many honors and titles by the government agencies and industrial associations, and in successive years has been awarded the title of the "Best Supplier" by Black & Decker.

The bearings produced by MOS are widely used in various areas such as household electric appliances, office automation, automobiles, motorcycles, industrial motors, electric tools, advanced fishing tools, food machinery, textile machines, electric toys, navigation meters and instruments, precision electric machines, medical apparatus and instruments, and sewing machines, etc.

Currently, MOS' products are mainly for export. Its clients are from many countries and regions and among them we can see such world giants as GM, Panasonic, Black & Decker, Shimano, NIDEC, Bosch, VALEO, Ricoh, Samsung, LG, OH-SUNG, Emerson, NIX, Siemens, Konica-Minolta, etc.

Located along the East China seashore, NINGBO MOS GROUP CORPORATION LIMITED is on the southern banks of the beautiful Hangzhou bay. It lies in Zhuangshi town, Zhenhai District, Ningbo City. It directly reaches to the famous oriental big port of Beilun Harbor through the Yongjiang River Changhong Tunnel.

Ningbo is a well-known business port and cultural city in Chinese history. Ningbo People are noted for their diligence and great skills in doing business since the ancient times. The enterprisers of MOS Group follow this excellent tradition, pay attention to bearing innovation, let company to become stronger and brings contribution to China and world bearing industrial in this richly environment.

Zhenhai Special Miniature Bearing Factory, the predecessor of Ningbo MOS Group corporation Limitedis was established in July 1992. “MOS” was originally a trademark to the goods produced by Zhenhai special miniature bearing factory. It is composed of the first three initial letters from “mechanical operation star” this brand name has gradually replaced for the factory name because of the superior product quality, large output and high domestic and overseas market share. Therefore according to the situation at that time, “MOS” is used to name the stock company established in 1996.

MOS Group possesser 11 subsidiary companies. All companies manufacture miniature & small size deep groove ball bearing. The group sales value reached 645 million RMB, manufactured miniature & small sizes bearing 170milion sets and employed 2000people in 2005.the group through capital operation holds Shanghai Tianhong miniature bearing research institute and Wafangdian MOS Ruichang bearing Co., Ltd. Shares, set up shanghai Tianyong miniature bearing co., ltd. And Dalian MOS precision technology co., ltd. furthermore, the “Guanming industrial park” will be into use within this year.

Taking the advantage of its own research institute, MOS Group pays attention to technique and management. It passed iso9000 、qs900、iso14000 international qualification and valeo1000 certification. It is also scheduled to get ts/16969 certification by august 2006,wholly enter automobile field. At present, the scale of MOS market, customer level automobile field. At present, the scale of MOS market, customer level and the product technical level come out top in domestic bearing industrial. With most products for oversea market, MOS has cooperated with many well-know companies and becomes their steady supplier.

With the development of national equipment industry as its own obligation, MOS Group is determined to play a more important role in the global bearing industry, and its turnover is expected to reach 2 billion RMB by its 20 anniversary.