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Ningbo bearing technical center (below abbreviated as engineering center) has been established by Ningbo MOS group corporation limited in response to the call of “prospering Ningbo city by sci-tech” from Ningbo municipal government according to the spirits of “Ningbo city business technical center supervision method” from Ningbo city economic committee.

Founded in March 2000, it belongs to Ningbo municipal level engineering center. It subordinates five workrooms. It possesses the experimental equipments and instruments to carry out the bearing basic experiments and application experiments. The major facilities are bearing comprehensive performance tester, various fatigue life machines, temperature rise grease leakage tester, salt-mist testing box, all the necessary measuring instruments to manufacture high accuracy bearings such as Tailar Hobson bearing roughness & shape measuring instrument, various physical and chemical analysis apparatus and so forth which can execute tests to high temperature, high rotating speed, various fatigue life, other high-load com prehensive performances etc. and carry out the date information collection and analysis. The engineering center also bears the function of sci-tech development. It develops more than 100 varieties of new bearing products every year. Meanwhile it actively extends the technical communication, cooperation with vast domestic scientific research institutes; digest, absorbs, introduces, innovates upon the advanced technology; implements the transformation from the scientific research fruits to the production techniques. It offers sound technical service and support for the enhancement of the product performance and quality.